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FlowEHR is an open-source platform for iterative, safe & reproducible development & deployment of data science solutions inside the NHS.

FlowEHR enables multidisciplinary teams to work higher up the stack and focus on improving patient outcomes & health system efficiency.


FlowEHR prioritises observability, usability & maintainability and is aligned with the Five Safes. Our opinionated architecture is informed by hard-won experience.

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We have spent the last few years building real-time technology & data infrastructure and delivering digital solutions for research & innovation in a hospital setting.

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Our Team

Our team of software engineers, data scientists, clinicians, academic researchers and operational staff is based at one of the busiest NHS trusts in the UK.

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Our ambition is to plant FlowEHRs across the NHS.
We are eager to hear from trusts, Integrated Care Systems, Academic Health Science Networks or other NHS organisations who want to unlock the transformative power of their data.
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