We are a team of software engineers, data scientists, algorithm stewards, clinicians, academic researchers and NHS operational staff based at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Many of us have spent our careers in the NHS while others have been seconded from academia and industry.
This includes the Advanced Research Computing Centre, Institute of Health Informatics and Institute of Healthcare Engineering at University College London, and the Healthcare Commercial Software Engineering team at Microsoft.

Our mission is to

  • Enable iterative, robust & sustainable development & deployment of cutting-edge digital solutions inside NHS organisations
  • Provide an open-source technology & governance platform which allows teams to work higher up the stack where they can focus on improving patient outcomes and health system efficiency
  • Offer a well-trodden happy path to NHS organisations which can be adapted to their position on the digital transformation journey
  • Contribute to the diverse community of innovators & researchers working on crossing the healthcare AI chasm